Hello.  You have entered the official website of artist/filmmaker Christine Lund. Established in 2006, Hypocretinmedia is a compilation of Christine’s artworks, film and video works, among other projects including some new works currently dated.   BELOW CONTAINS A FURTHER BIO/STATEMENT.  Christine is currently living in St.Paul, MN…


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“My work examines personal or objective/objectified interpretations and experiences. Many times, I am enforcing and striving for humanity to re-evaluate their views and other times my own. These studies and projects often incorporate utilization of scale, dynamics, semantics and dimensionality in an approach that’s viscerally phenomenal. Through processes of filmmaking, artmaking, sound, technology or mere exploration, I’m interested in challenging parameters of methodologies, normative matters and social constructions via conceived DIY projects as well as, or in conjunction with pursuits of productive collaborations. Some current fascinations include theories of web 2.0 & 3.0, cybernetics, transcendence, metaphysics and such themes as nostalgia, preservation, heritage, memory, and childhood, all of which are prevalent pieces of the construction and representation of identity, the self and the psyche.”


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This is the official website of Christine D. Lund. Along with a film portfolio, also are illustrations, photography, and other workings/projects as well. Brief descriptions and contact information available.